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Fibreglass Doors


Our Doors Are Made From Fiberglass Composites

Composite materials have been widely used in the wind turbine blade, aviation and space industries due to the following advantages: high strength, light weight properties improved thermal properties, moisture resistace, UV stability, heat and fire resistance properties

Fiberglass is composite materials consist of two or more physically distinct and mechanically separable components called reinforcement and resin. These two components can be mixed in a controlled way to achieve optimum properties, which are superior to the properties of each individual component.

Fibreglass Doors Will Not Dent, Rust, Bow, Warp, Crack, Splinter, or Scratchation

Manufacturers, designers and engineers recognize the ability of fibreglass composites materials to produce high quality, durable and cost effective products. Composites solve problems, raise performance levels and enable the development of new innovations.

  • sound-transmission

    Sound Transmission

    At highways and roadways, fiberglass sound barriers are often located between the roadway and residential areas as a stable, durable noise buffer. Fibreglass doors can reduce up to 5 times the transfer of sound in comparison to a solid timber door.

  • no-water

    Moisture Resistance

    Due to the seamless fabrication of the fibreglass doors, moisture is unable to penetrate the surface substrates eliminating the concerns of rot, warping and improving the weather ability characteristics with total protection against termites and other rodents.

  • durability

    Strength, Impact Resistance and Security

    In ASTM and international testing, fiberglass performed twice as strong as aluminum and eight times stronger than vinyl. Fiberglass composite ranks high in impact testing, because it withstands impacts without deformation. This is important on the job site when dents and damages may inadvertently occur.

  • commercial-door

    Commercial Fiberglass Doors

    Today fiberglass doors are widely used in chemical plants and water treatment facilities. Fiberglass doors will soon be the primary door specified in hotels, offices, restaurants, hospitals and many commercial buildings. Fiberglass doors are strong, fire resistant, chemical resistant, aid in sound transmission and carry a 10 year


Our Doors offer full-length composite stiles which provide complete waterproofing for the door’s insulation, as exclusive to the Doors. Using the superior performance of composite stiles, these stiles will not splinter like wood or delaminate like steel.

  • high-strength

    High-Strength Engineered Composite Bottom Rails

    The Door’s high-strength engineered composite rail prevents moisture from seeping into the door. This rail also allows the Door to accomodate a range of door seals.

  • cfc-free

    Environmentally-Sound Polyurethane Foam Core

    We offer doors that are completely CFC-free in conformance with environmental standards, provide superior thermal performance and enhanced soundproofing. The combination of these factors has created a door that serves to protect our environment and offers better thermal insulation to your home.

  • warranty

    Product Warranty

    We offer a 10 year Limited Warranty on the Fibreglass Doors to original purchasers.


Care and Maintenance

Your GRP composite door has been designed to be easy to maintain. To keep your door clean, prolong the life of the surface finish and protect your warranty, we recommend you wash it regularly using warm soapy water (washing up liquid is ideal) and a soft, lint-free cloth. If you live in a coastal area, in a heavily industrialised area or near a main road, you may need to clean your door more frequently.

Do Not Use Any of the Following on Your Door

  • Abrasive cleaners or scouring pads

  • Any type of bleach or solvent (e.g. white spirit, methylated spirit, cellulose thinners, acetone or nail varnish remover)

  • Any type of adhesives or tack for providing temporary protection or fixing of seasonal or other decorations etc

  • High pressure or steam cleaners

  • screw

    No screw cap plugs or traditional glass insert frames to deal with

  • snap

    Sleek snap-on internal glazing frame to hold glass in place

  • door

    Exterior frame molded design is another example of our advanced technology

  • installation

    Impressive construction offers improved strength and performance

  • lamp

    Increased light brightens up any room

  • open-door

    Additional internal structural support on both sides of the door

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