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Lotus Concertina Doors

Vinylcloth 1
You’ll be impressed with the versatility of Home & Renovators Warehouse’s - Concertina Doors! Available throughout Sunshine Coast, Townsville, and regional QLD, these space-saving wonders seamlessly accordion-fold, dividing rooms, creating flexible areas, or opening stunning outdoor views. Choose from vinyl, timber, or glass options to match your style and budget. See our online range of Concertina Doors or visit us in-store and unlock the door to open plan living!

Vinylcloth Concertina Doors

Every concertina door is custom made to your exact requirements, up to 3m high and almost any width. They come in a wide range of attractive finishes to match your existing decor. These doors are ideal for creating private space, or closing off areas for heating or air conditioning.

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Timberline Concertina Doors

Another option for closing in spaces in the home or workplace, where something more sturdy may be required. These doors are custom made to the exact size of your opening, and come in a range of luxury laminate finishes, and options such as privacy latches and key locks.

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